FLORIDA Hurricane Pad 150-MPH Rated (Sold Local Only - No shipping)

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Designed specifically for the hurricane prone regions of Florida and the Gulf Coast, The Hurricane Pad™ meets stringent local code requirements for wind resistance. Heavier than a normal concrete pad, this 4" pad provides sufficient weight to meet code. For certain taller equipment.

Price includes Tax since it is not delivered. 


The Hurricane T-Class Pad™ is needed. Due to their extra weight, only sold locally to Bradenton/Tampa Florida area.   It can also be used for Home Generators.


What Kind of Condenser Pad Should I Get?

Since AC condenser pads are essential to keeping your AC unit securely in place, you should take your time selecting the right kind of AC condenser pad.  experts recommend considering the following qualities:

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Your AC condenser pad should be waterproof so that it protects your AC unit against moisture from rain or snow. It should also be UV-resistant so that damage from the sun can be prevented.


You should also check local zoning codes since they may require a specific size of pad for your AC unit.   Condenser pads come in various sizes. Ideally, you should get one that has slightly larger dimensions than the footprint of your AC unit.


Concrete AC condenser pads are often recommended for large-capacity units. However, since modern units are lighter and smaller, you can consult your HVAC contractor to see if concrete is still necessary. Another good option for AC condenser pads are those that are made from recycled plastic. In addition to being eco-friendly, these pads are also UV-resistant and durable. They won’t crack when exposed to excessive rain, so they’re definitely reliable.

Florida Building Code  304.9 Clearances from grade. Equipment and appliances installed at grade level


Hurricane Pad  18x40x4      Length: 18"; Width: 40"; Height: 4"; Wt. Lbs.: 62

Hurricane Pad  24x36x4      Length: 24"; Width: 36"; Height: 4"; Wt. Lbs.: 69


This is a local pick-up item only in Palmetto Fl 

Pre-order required.

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