MRCOOL 36k BTU Olympus 3 Zone 12K+12K+18K Cassettes Bundle

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This system is meant to be installed by a HVAC technician

If you're looking for a HVAC solution that can keep you comfortable all year round without the need for natural gas, then the MRCOOL Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System is the perfect choice. This system operates solely on electricity, making it a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Ductless heat pump units are gaining popularity for a couple of reasons. Not only do they offer zone technology, but they also have efficient components that ensure optimal performance.

With the MRCOOL Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System, all of your air handlers connect to one condensing unit. Thanks to its inverter technology, the compressor adjusts its output to meet your demand without sacrificing performance. This means that you can enjoy personalized comfort while also saving energy. Zone technology also allows you to turn off air handlers in specific zones that are not being used. Why waste money on creating comfort in an area that you're not occupying? During cool winter nights, it's not advisable to shut off your system completely. However, you can lower the temperature set point a few degrees and only run the zone as warm as you need to, protecting your home from damaging cold temperatures.

The 36,000 BTU MRCOOL Olympus ductless heat pump split system comes with two zone ceiling cassette air handlers. These air handlers have a height of 10 inches and 8 inches respectively, making them suitable for most ceiling spaces. This package includes a pre-charged outdoor condensing unit, pre-insulated lineset, and wireless remotes for your convenience. The two 12,000 BTU air handler is perfect for spaces ranging up to 1000 square feet each, while the 18,000 BTU air handler is ideal for spaces ranging up to 1500 square feet. What's great about ceiling cassette air handlers is that they allow for a ductless heat pump solution without taking up wall space.

At the heart of the MRCOOL Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System is the MULTI4-36HP230V1 condenser. This condenser delivers more or less performance as needed, providing a capacity of 36k BTU with a 22.5 SEER. The system offers dual-zone capacity with a 18k ceiling cassette air handler for the main space, and two additional  12k ceiling cassette unit for smaller areas. With this system, you can enjoy efficient and personalized comfort throughout your home.
Line Sets Used:
  • 12K & 18K Indoor Handlers use the MC-1412 Line Sets*
* If all indoor units (handlers) run simultaneously, their combined BTU output will not exceed the BTU rating ofthe outdoor unit (condenser).
    Note: It is critical to size the outdoor unit for the entire building load and each indoor unit for it’s individual zone load.


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