MRCOOL 36K BTU Olympus 4 Zone Condenser

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This system is meant to be installed by a HVAC technician
Zone Optons for the 36K Condenser - 
This is a "Create Your Own Bundle" 

Each Bundle Contains:

  • Condenser: 36K Olympus (MULTI4-36HP230V1)
  • Air Handler Options:
2 Zone Options
9K + 18K
12K + 24K
9K + 24K
18K + 18K
9K + 18K
24K + 24K*
12K +18K


3 Zone Options

  9K + 9K + 9K 9K + 12K + 24K*

9K + 9K + 12K 9K + 18K + 18K*

9K + 9K + 18K 12K + 12K + 12K
9K + 9K + 24K* 12K + 12K + 18K*
9K + 12K + 12K 12K + 12K + 24K*
9K + 12K + 18K* 12K + 18K + 18K*


4 Zone Options

  9K+9K+9K+9K 9K+9K+12K+18K*

9K+9K+9K+12K* 9K+12K+12K+12K*
9K+9K+9K+18K* 12K+12K+12K+12K*


9K   = WMAH Only
12K = WMAH, Cassettes or mix & match
18K = WMAH, Cassettes or mix & match
24k = WMAH, Cassettes or mix & match

*If all indoor units (handlers) run simultaneously, their combined BTU output will not exceed the BTU rating of the outdoor unit (condenser).

  • Line Set Options: 16FT, 25FT or 50FT  for each  WMAH/Cassette (this is determined by measuring the distance from placement of the Air handler to the outside Condenser) 
    • 9K Handlers use the MC-1438 Line Set
    • 12K & 18K Handlers use the MC-1412 Line Set
    • 24K Handlers use the MC-3858 Line Set

    Note: It is critical to size the outdoor unit for the entire building load and each indoor unit for it’s individual zone load.


    Olympus Multi Zone Brochure


    Olympus Single & Multi Installation

    Olympus Cassette Installation

    Installation Manual for Recessed Ducts

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